ricky forgot to hide his underwear (´−`) ン

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Niel denying his love for Changjo

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the beginning of something great

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Don’t S T O P

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saut de l’ange → 140616♥

Handsome Niel returning from Taiwan.

[Don’t edit these pics~]

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Don’t hide that beautiful smile~!

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[1] 140628 NIEL at Teen Top High Kick in Hong Kong [cr: @thenieldotcom]

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b.a.p & teen top doing things together and giving me feels ◕‿◕

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so i met henry lau’s older brother cause he went to my university and now he’s in asia working but anyway i asked him what he knew about the kpop industry from his brother and he said henry told him kpop idols fuck around a lot and i JUST DONT KNOW WHAT HE MEANT did he mean that they sleep around? do they kid around? why didnt i ask for clarification i regret it to this day

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man: Why? Why?
jh: Please wait
man: Why? I didn’t even start yet
man: I still have 50 more hits to go
man: Come here, come here
man: Where did that confidence from before go?
man: why are you like this to me?

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only niel

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